Brunch, you are going to love this!

First of all, Peperina in Ranelagh is an excellent place to brunch and munch some delicious food. But don’t take our word for it. See the reviews and what others are saying.

Loved by the locals!

So what was the best part of brunch at Peperina? Well, there is just so much to tell you. First, however, there are a few dishes that our customers love. Secondly, it is right in the heart of Dublin. So make sure you come by and try some of our brunch menu dishes.

More Wings more Quesadillas please!

First on the list of things to try is our tangy chicken wings and blue cheese. Everyone loves them. On the other hand, the Quesadillas are bursting full of flavour and filled with all the things you love.

Make me a nice big Burger!

Brunch at Peperina is just the best. Importantly, who does not loves a great burger. And oh boy, do we make the best burgers. One our customers love is the French Burger, which has Roquefort cheese, caramelised red onion with crispy bacon and baby gem lettuce. The best part is that all our burgers come with that side of fries.

I always wanted to try this!

It really is an excellent all-around menu, and I think anyone could find something they love. However, if its something more you are looking for, try our Spanish breakfast. The chorizo is fantastic.

Great coffee starts here!

Above all, we also have the regular local Ranelagh breakfast favourites. The Full Irish Breakfast, Eggs Benedict, or florentine. You just need to add a great coffee, and this day is heading in the right way.

Brunch and munch that salad!

At the same time, if you love a great salad. The Peperina Super Salad is perfect for those summer days. It is delicious in a bowl.

Magnificent brunch I'll be back for more.

All in all, Brunch at Peperina is anything you fancy fresh orange juice, pancakes or a nice big sirloin steak. But don’t forget to add one of our amazing sides. The coffee is magnificent; however, if you fancy a glass of wine or beer, we have all those things on the go. Just ask us.